Alibaba Cloud and myDevices have partnered to launch “IoT in a Box” (BABA)

Alibaba Cloud and myDevices have partnered to launch “IoT in a Box” (BABA)

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Alibaba Cloud, a division of the Chinese e-commerce and technology giant, has formed a new partnership with IoT solution provider myDevices, the companies announced in a release.

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Specifically, the two have developed an IoT product, dubbed “IoT in a Box,” that will offer customers simple deployment of remote monitoring products. This is just the latest example of Alibaba’s continued efforts to become one of the leading cloud-based IoT providers in China.

The solution is designed for mass deployment in sectors including healthcare, retail, and hospitality. Customers will be able to use the product to monitor physical spaces where they have technology that can be connected.

One key use case for this is in refrigeration — using the solution’s sensors and connectors, which connect to Alibaba’s cloud network, a company can monitor and track a restaurant’s walk-in cooler, for example, to ensure that it’s in working order and that food isn’t spoiling.

This same system can monitor refrigeration units at hospitals that keep medications at cold temperatures to prevent them from going bad. By using remote sensors, companies can cut down on the number of employees needed to monitor temperatures on-site, while also creating a more reliable log for compliance purposes.

This partnership marks Alibaba’s latest foray into the IoT, as it takes advantage of its market-leading cloud presence.In recent months, the company has formed partnerships with industrial giants like Siemens to expand its presence in the industrial IoT. It’s also working with technology startups to develop smart city solutions that use its cloud network for processing and storage.

The Chinese technology giant seems to be trying to follow the path that Amazon has taken in the US, where AWS has grown into the leading cloud option and its AWS IoT platform is now one of the top options in the IoT.

Amazon has provided a blueprint for cloud services built on the back of e-commerce success and demonstrated the revenue potential from that line of business, and Alibaba is looking to build up a similar program in China that will make it a leading cloud and IoT provider.


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