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NEW YORK,May 18, 2020/PRNewswire/ — BX3, a capital raising and business advisory firm, is launching a new service offering calledCompliance Janitors, designed to alleviate the expense and burden of filing corporate and entity tax returns weighing down on business owners.

“The economic fallout of a global pandemic is forcing all businesses to look for ways to preserve precious cash resources and BX3 can help,” saysMike Minihan, managing partner, BX3 and seasoned tax expert. “Our team is dramatically cutting fees on tax compliance to do what we can to pitch in and help business owners get back on their feet.”

BX3 will offer a complete federal and state tax return preparation and filing package for$375to most corporations, partnerships, S-corporations, and Schedule Cs for individuals. Typically a tax or accounting firm would charge an average of$1200to$1500— three to four times as much — for a similar offering, but BX3 wants to use its vast tax experience as a way to help struggling business owners.

“We’ve adopted the name ‘Compliance Janitors’ as an homage to everyday heroes who often toil thanklessly and for little money on highly critical tasks,” says Minihan. “We are honored to serve this role in the tax realm, and give back to the business community in this time of need.”

Thenew deadline for filing state and federal corporate taxesisJuly 15, 2020. To take advantage of BX3’s Compliance Janitors, U.S. companies will need to contact BX3 directly to speak to a member of our tax team. More details are availablehttps://bx3.io/consultingor by calling833-293-8326.

About BX3
We are passionate professionals with decades of combined experience in finance, investment banking, marketing, accounting, tax, and law. AtBX3, we use our expertise to raise funds and provide the necessary tools and framework to turn ideas into successful businesses across a variety of sectors. We work exclusively with clients and partners who reflect our core principles of collaboration, ethics, and transparency. BX3 is headquartered inNew York.

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