Ex-Telltale Games Employee Files Class Action Lawsuit

Ex-Telltale Games Employee Files Class Action Lawsuit

A former employee of Telltale Games has filed a class action complaint against the company in California federal court. The complaint alleges that the developer was obligated to provide 60 days notice of the impending termination, in compliance with the state’s WARN Act.

Kotaku reports that the complaint filed by attorneys for Vernie Roberts, Jr., is seeking missed wages, salaries, 401K contributions, and any other compensation that would have been earned during the 60-day WARN Act period. The suit also names “all other persons similarly situated” who could join the class action, which could be as many as 275 employees who were fired from Telltale last week.

As the report notes, companies have some wiggle room with exceptions to the WARN Act, such as if the company is seeking to acquire new capital and can’t risk the information of pending layoffs becoming public. It’s unknown how many employees will join or if the lawsuit will ultimately be successful.

The closure was sudden and surprised employees, who were left with no severance and only nine days of remaining health benefits. The reported rationale for the lack of severance was that this was being classified as a business closure rather than partial layoffs. Telltale has now said that The Walking Dead, currently in its final season, may continue with “potential partners”–which could raise legal questions about the studio closure.

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