Handful of local businesses busted selling alcohol to minors – WSB Atlanta

Handful of local businesses busted selling alcohol to minors – WSB Atlanta

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga.– Several businesses throughout Newton County were recently busted for selling alcohol to underage customers during an undercover operation.

According to the Covington Police Department, citations were issued at eight businesses where alcohol was sold to underage customers.

Police sent undercover customers into 37 different locations that are licensed to sell alcohol. Out of the 37, eight sold to the underage person.

Investigators said seven of the transactions were captured on video. Police said they do the stings regularly.


“They say that they’ve left their identification at home. At that point, they’ll offer up a fake date of birth,” said Ken Malcolm, with the Covington Police Department.

The young informants wore video cameras to collect evidence.

“We keep people guessing and we make sure that at all times they are in compliance with the law,” Malcolm said. “It’s something, obviously, we need to work closely with these businesses to make sure it doesn’t occur again.”

Police said when someone gets caught selling alcohol to a minor, the individual clerk gets cited and fined. 

But if clerks at a particular business fail more than once, the liquor license for that business could be impacted. 

Here’s the list of businesses police say sold to underage customers:

  • Alcovy Liquor (10117 Alcovy Road)
  • Kroger (3139 Highway 278)
  • Food Depot (6169 Highway 278)
  • Dollar General (6185 Highway 278)
  • Ingles (7173 Turner Lake Road)
  • Chevron (6206 Turner Lake Road)
  • Beverage Mall (7254 Washington St.)
  • Bonds BP (8145 Washington St.)

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