How to stay ahead of cybersecurity issues and keep your customers’ data safe

How to stay ahead of cybersecurity issues and keep your customers’ data safe

Cybersecurity is becoming a constant concern for businesses all over the world. You need to take extra precautions as a business owner to make sure your customers’ data is safe and secure at all times.

To find out how you can protectyourcustomers’ sensitive information andstayin touch with the latestcybersecurityissues, I asked a panel of entrepreneurs from YEC the following question:

What’s one wayyourcompany stays abreast of the latestcybersecurityissues, concerns and changes in order to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protectyourdata?

Their best answers are below:

1. Work with a security consultant

I work with a security consultant throughout the year tostayon top of what is going on and to go through an extensive review and training process for my team. – John Rampton, Calendar

2. Hire a CSO

Hiring or outsourcing a chief security officer (CSO) is a good way to ensure that you are on top ofyoursecurity. It can also be a good idea to have someone fromyourIT team take on this challenge and designation.  – Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

3. Think strategically and planahead

Everyone takes action to prevent attacks, but companies also should create incident response teams, which should include people in operations, compliance, legal and communications. When putting a team together, they should consider what service providers, such as credit monitoring firms and forensic providers, they will call to assist if a major cyber breach occurs. – Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

4.Stayconnected with experts

There are so many online sources to regularly read, includingcybersecuritytrade publications. Also, there are more experts speaking at conferences tostayin touch with. – Serenity Gibbons, Naacp

5. Follow the industry leaders

Following industry leaders by subscribing to their newsletters always keeps us abreast of the latest trends and news incybersecurity. To our benefit, we’ve implemented much of what we’ve learned. We have also taken outside precautions by getting an insurance policy in case there is a breach. Our software and cloud hosting companies also send us newsletters on the latest securityissues. – Jared Ross Weitz, United Capital Source Inc.

6. Read, listen, watch

We encourage all our employees to devote time tokeepthemselves updated about the latest in the world ofcybersecurityby reading articles, listening to podcasts and watching videos. The Risky Business podcast, for instance, discusses the latest threats such as NetSpectre, ERP attacks, ransomware and malvertising. – Derek RobinsonTop NotchDezigns

7. Invest in acybersecuritysystem

It is impossible to spend all ofyourvaluable time monitoringyourdata. The best way tokeepit all secure is to invest in acybersecuritysystem that will monitor and alert youofany type ofdatabreach. – Chris Quiocho, Offland Media

8. Attend tech conferences and hackathons

SendingyourIT team to tech conferences and hackathons is a great way tostayup to date on the latest security developments and concerns. These events will often host speakers and workshops built around learning new techniques and identifying vulnerabilities in common security systems. If you can afford to do the same, I highly recommend it. – Bryce Welker, Crush The PM Exam

9.Keepan eye on the press

Nowadays, there is a lot of press about these securityissues, so we take note to learn about any that surface in the media. This helps us tokeepup to date with the securityissuesthat are relevant and then, in the process of learning about theissues, we’re able to address any gaps that might open us up to risk. – Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure

10. Invest in acybersecurityemployee

Chances are, managingyourcybersecurityon top ofyourlong to-do list is near impossible. Most business owners lack the time and knowledge to do this effectively. I’ve invested in bringing on a part-time employee to help make sure we are on top of all the latest and greatest security and tech systems. – Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR

11. Storedataon the cloud

Transferringyourdatato the cloud is an undervalued way of protecting yourself due to the belief that it can be hacked. However, most hacks come from user errors, and the cloud is forced to adhere to the latestcybersecuritystandards. This means SSL encryptions, notifications of possible breaches, automaticdatabackups and consistent updates. – Reuben Yonatan, GetVoIP

12. Turn to mentors

In addition to my own research, I consult my mentors when it comes tocybersecurity. Getting their expertise on the topic, as well as advice on how to advance, has helped usstayaheadof the curve. – Adrien Schmidt,

13.Keepacybersecurityteam on retainer

Our business is not big enough to hire a full-timecybersecurityteam member, yet we depend on technology enough so that, should we be hacked or our systems breached, we could suffer irreversibly. As a result, we maintain acybersecurityteam on retainer. This company continually monitors our systems forcyberthreatsand runs a quarterly ‘hack test’ where they attempt to break into our systems. – Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors

14. Have a great IT partner

The reality is thatcybersecurityis a vast topic covering every aspect ofyourorganization — from the software systems to internal infrastructure and, most importantly, the behavior ofyouremployees and partners. Hire a partner or two to assist in security. There are thousands of great consultants and service providers who live and breathe IT security. Engage withtwoof them to ensure you have different points of view and approaches covered. – Daniel Reilly, B2X Global

15. Make it a company-wide effort

Instead of having one team dedicated to all thingscybersecurity, make it a company-wide effort. When each team owns a piece of protecting the company by keeping an eye oncybersecuritynews and developments relevant to their field, the company canstaybetter informed about potentialissuesin a holistic way. – Ryan D Matzner, Fueled

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author’s own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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