Immuta Expands Governance, Risk, and Compliance Expertise to Help Global Enterprises Build Legal and Ethical Data Science Programs

Immuta Expands Governance, Risk, and Compliance Expertise to Help Global Enterprises Build Legal and Ethical Data Science Programs

the leading provider of enterprise data management solutions for
artificial intelligence (AI), today announced financial services
industry veteran Richard Geering has joined as the company’s Vice
President of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), reporting to CEO
Matthew Carroll. Richard joins Immuta from the Royal Bank of Canada
(RBC), where he served as Chief Operational Risk Officer for Investor
and Treasury Services. He brings 25 years of experience in financial
services and risk management, with broad domain knowledge in data
analytics. Working alongside Immuta’s product and sales organization as
the company’s GRC expert resource, Richard will help communicate and
prioritize the rapidly evolving compliance requirements of financial
services organizations.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) investments
mature, and as data science becomes a democratized function across the
enterprise, the number of data science models in production will
increase exponentially. This growth will make it nearly impossible for
manual, ad hoc governance and control methods used in the past. Banks
and insurance companies around the world are facing the shared challenge
of leveraging these data models in ways that will generate value for
customers and shareholders, while also navigating the complex and
evolving regulatory landscape around data.

Immuta enables algorithm-driven enterprises to quickly operationalize
data for increased access and control to drive their machine learning
and advanced analytics programs. This frees up data science teams to
work with all of an organization’s data, without being hamstrung by
complex security regulations or information governance policies.

In his role as RBC’s Investor and Treasury Services Chief Operational
Risk Officer, Richard was responsible for the design and implementation
of the global program, managed a team of 60 risk officers and staff in
12 locations across North America, Europe, and APAC, and introduced
state-of-the-art operational risk practices developed within
non-financial services industries to improve proactive risk management
and root cause analysis. Additional leadership positions at RBC included
Global Head of Commodity Finance, and Global Head of Fixed Income
Electronic Sales and Trading. He founded and was CEO of Geering Limited,
a proprietary futures trading firm which traded fully-automated
strategies. Richard has also worked as a European Business Director for
Deutsche Bank. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham.

Matthew Carroll, Co-founder and CEO, Immuta

“Richard is a seasoned financial services and risk management executive
whose experience will support Immuta’s commitment to helping
organizations ensure the legal, ethical, and compliant use of the data
used in the development of machine learning and AI. Immuta’s mission is
to provide data scientists with rapid, personalized data access to help
them meet policy and compliance requirements, and we’re excited for
Richard to lead our GRC efforts and help customers leverage the scale,
size, and speed of advanced analytics.”

Richard Geering, Vice President of Governance, Risk and Compliance,

“I know firsthand the challenges banks and insurance companies face in
harnessing the massive, increasing amounts of data – and doing it in a
way that’s beneficial for both the organization and the customer.
Enterprises need to provide transparency on how they’re using data to
power their algorithms and how AI decisions are being made. The Immuta
platform addresses all of these challenges and is uniquely positioned to
help them do this at scale, rapidly, and, most importantly, in a
compliant manner. This is why joining Immuta was a no brainer and I’m
looking forward to working with organizations to make the most of their
AI initiatives.”

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