Immuta Expands Legal Engineering Team to Support the Growing Compliance Requirements of Enterprises Implementing Machine Learning

Immuta Expands Legal Engineering Team to Support the Growing Compliance Requirements of Enterprises Implementing Machine Learning

the leading provider of enterprise data management solutions for
artificial intelligence (AI), today announced thatSophie
, a leading expert on the European Union (EU)’s
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has joined the company as
Senior Privacy Counsel and Legal Engineer. Sophie joins Chief Privacy
Officer and Legal EngineerAndrew
, alongside Privacy Counsel and Legal EngineerDaniel
, on the company’s growing team of legal engineers tackling the
ethical challenges of AI.

As the adoption of AI and machine learning grows, their legal and
ethical problems are becoming more complex – and more urgent. The
biggest barrier to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like
machine learning isn’t simply the technology itself – it’s how lawyers
and other governance personnel can manage its risks. Immuta’s Legal
Engineering team, comprised of lawyers with deep expertise in data
privacy, security, and data science, is focused on automating compliance
and oversight activities within Immuta’s software platform.

The Immuta Legal Engineering team has updated the company’s GDPR
Compliance Playbook for 2019 to include the latest best practices
required for legal and compliant use of EU data for AI and Machine
Learning, with a focus on Data Protection by Design. The latest playbook
includes new details on purpose-based restrictions, how to map GDPR data
protection principles to the Immuta platform’s global policies, and
guidance on implementing specific controls within the Immuta platform,
such as masking and differential privacy. To download the playbook,

At Immuta, Sophie will be responsible for examining current data
protection and model risk frameworks, helping customers to embed aspects
of these frameworks within the Immuta platform, and framing these
practices into digestible, easy-to-scale methods to help customers
control risk across their data science programs.

In addition to her responsibilities at Immuta, Sophie is involved with
several organizations focused on forwarding data privacy initiatives,
such as the Organisation for the Cooperation and Security in Europe,
Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation, the Venice
Commission, and is part of the expert group formed by the Council of
Europe on Internet Intermediaries.

Prior to Immuta, Sophie spent nearly a decade as a full-time professor
of Information Technology Law and Data Governance at the University of
Southampton, where she will continue to teach on a part-time basis.
During her tenure, she served as the director of the Institute for Law
and the Web (ILAWS) and as a member of the Southampton Cybersecurity
Centre of Excellence & the Web Science Institute. Sophie has authored
several legal articles, book chapters and books on intermediary
liability, data protection and privacy, information security, and
intellectual property.

Andrew Burt, Chief Privacy Officer and Legal Engineer, Immuta
processes for data governance is critical to the future of data use and
innovation, in the EU and beyond. Sophie’s extensive depth of knowledge
and her understanding of technology law, particularly the GDPR and the
wider regulatory landscape in the EU, makes her a welcome addition to
our growing Immuta team, where we’re committed to marrying our
entrepreneurial spirit with our commitment to the law.”

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Senior Privacy Counsel and Legal Engineer,

“Today, we live in a profoundly data-driven economy and
society. As a result, we need secure, agile, scalable and user-friendly
safeguards to properly frame the use of artificial intelligence and data
in all its forms.The Immuta platform is the most powerful tool
I’ve come across for building such structures and for self-enforcing
data policies over time. The company is implementing in practice what I
was calling for in my academic research,
so it was a natural fit to join forces and usher in the next wave of
initiatives emerging for responsible AI.”

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