Live today: Total Gas & Power and Nutanix are here to show you how to deploy IT infrastructure fit for the future


Simplify your technology estate and move onto more effective platforms

Sponsored webcastTotal Gas & Power supplies gas and electricity to industrial, commercial, and business customers across the UK.

As a long-standing organisation, and part of the Total Group, it is no stranger to the notion of technical debt, nor the desire to simplify its IT estate and move onto more effective infrastructure platforms. So, how to decide a way forward and then actually deliver on it?

In this webinar, broadcast on 13 June at 3pm BST, we do away with thought leadership, and get down to the nitty gritty of how to deploy flexible, standardised, hybrid cloud infrastructure that takes into account the needs of the wider organisation whilst delivering on specific goals. We cover:

  • The problem to be solved — how a need to solve a DR relocation problem was expanded to support the broader organisation.
  • Technology and migration challenges — how issues of licensing and integration, compliance and operation were dealt with.
  • Plans for the future — steps taken to ensure the resulting environment is future-fit and scalable to deliver on Total’s wider goals.
  • Lessons learned — for viewers to take away and apply to their own organisation.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in the weeds with your own infrastructure and want a way forward, or you’re feeling in the dark about potential issues of moving to a more flexible platform, tune in for an informative, interactive discussion.

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