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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)A local business may be forced to close up shop due to more construction in Charlotte.

Mark Sprinkle is angry with the city and the developer of a new complex under construction in the Chantilly neighborhood. 

He does more than just work on Shenandoah Ave, he lives in the building too. He has lived there for nearly 25 years. 

“Worst case scenario: I lose my home, job and my income and the city has condoned nonuse of my building,” Sprinkle said. 

Chantilly resident Sylvia Cobb is a licensed landscape architect and friend of Sprinkle. She told FOX 46 Sprinkle’s place has been out of compliance since last fall because the development put up a fence that closed an access point and decreased his parking from 16 to four spaces. 

“This place is zoned for business. There are six different business offices here, plus an apartment in the back and the planned development is only proposing one parking space for this whole building which takes it out of compliance,” said Cobb. “It’s just not right. I think the city has too much going on and obviously there are many issues that fell they the cracks.” 

Sprinkle says he’s tried everything to stop the project or to at least compromise with the developer. At one point, he even attempted to get a judge to hear his case. 

“I wrote a 19-page statement of plans why it didn’t work and they laughed at me,” said Sprinkle.  

It’s no laughing matter for Sprinkle. His parking will soon go down to zero with construction tearing up this portion of Shenandoah Avenue. 

“As of Monday, they are going to rip out the entire front of my building and shut me off,” he said. 

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