Most Fargo, West Fargo businesses pass alcohol compliance checks – INFORUM


FARGO — Throughout the year, the Fargo Cass Public Health substance abuse prevention program partners with local law enforcement agencies to carry out alcohol compliance checks in Fargo, West Fargo and Cass County. The intent is to ensure businesses are not selling any alcohol to minors.

Compliance checks were carried out on Dec. 16 in Fargo and Dec. 17 in West Fargo. Twenty-five of the 27 Fargo businesses passed and 18 of 19 West Fargo businesses passed.

In Fargo, the F-M Curling Club and Paradiso did not pass. It was the first fail in a year for each business. Mackenzie River Pizza was the West Fargo business to receive its first fail in a year.

For the first offense, it is a $500 penalty in Fargo. The penalty may be waived if the person serving the alcoholic beverages, as well as the management, have current server training certificates. Server training will be required within 30 days for any employee or member of management not current with server training. There will be no license sanction on a first offense.

In West Fargo, the first violation warrants a written warning and a 12-month probationary period to the licensee.

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