The WeWork S-1t show, Citadel cuts after compliance breach, and Best Buy’s healthcare plans



At 7:12 on a mild late-summer morning in New York City, WeWork’s registration papers hit the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website. 

So starts Dakin Campbell’s excellent read on how WeWork spiraled from a $47 billion valuation to talk of bankruptcy in just six weeks. Dakin writes: 

Almost immediately, all hell broke loose. A steady stream of rapid-fire headlines detailed Neumann’s self-dealing, mismanagement, and bizarre behavior. Within 33 days the offering was scuttled, WeWork’s valuation plummeted 70% or more, and Adam Neumann, who believed he would become the world’s first trillionaire, was ousted as CEO. What was supposed to be Neumann’s coronation as a visionary became one of the most catastrophically bungled attempted debuts in business history.

It’s a startling story. We’ll have lots more reporting on WeWork in the coming days, so keep an eye out for that. For now, here’s what we’re looking at: 

  • WeWork could face a cash crunch as soon as February, according to Troy Wolverton. He spoke to industry watchers who said SoftBank, WeWork’s lenders, and the entire industry has too much at stake to let it go under.
  • Neumann is the latest high profile case of the visionary startup CEO who gets into trouble as the company scales, goes public, or otherwise matures. Drake Baer talked to experts who explained an all-too familiar dynamic: a leader who is glorified to the point of excess, and their startup becomes something of a “new religious movement” — a cult.
  • Alex Nicoll spoke to VCs and proptech experts who said ousting Adam Neumann is no “silver bullet.” Instead, it will take cutting passion projects and cleaning house to right the ship.
  • Key executives who supported Neumann for years have been terminated or have resigned, and more exits are said to be coming, according to Meghan Morris and Julie Bort. They broke down who’s out, and who’s still there. 
  • In 2018, senior SoftBank executive Rajeev Misra loftily predicted WeWork could one day be worth as much as $100 billion. Footage of the executive’s remarks subsequently disappeared from YouTube. Shona Ghosh this week published the full audio.
  • WeWork’s unraveling will have a chilling effect on direct-to-consumer companies, according to former AOL and Google exec and DTX Company CEO Tim Armstrong.

What did we miss? Let me know.

— Matt

The future of transportation

I’m excited to announce that Business Insider is hosting an event focused on the future of transportation in San Francisco on Tuesday, October 22. IGNITION: Transportation will feature speakers like Zoox cofounder Jesse Levinson, Waymo chief external officer Tekedra N. Mawakana, and JetBlue Technology Ventures president Bonny Simi.

The event is complimentary. You can get more information on the event and apply to attend right here. 

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Citadel just cut a team managing more than $1 billion after an analyst and a data scientist broke internal compliance rules about trading in personal accounts

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