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Tune in to hear advice from Box and Freeform Dynamics

WebcastLet’s be realistic: nobody sets out to create computer systems that get in the way of good business.

Financial institutions across the board are wrestling with how to engage more closely with customers and work better across internal teams. Too often, the cause is ill-fitting content and document management systems, all designed for another time. Meanwhile, cloud-based platforms can both help and hinder, delivering short-term benefits, yet they can add complexity and fragmentation.

New startups — challenger banks and financial technology companies — have an upper hand simply because they are less burdened with legacy systems, infrastructure and indeed buildings: for example, mobile digital-first banks enable sign-ups without visiting a branch, taking new customers from under the noses of traditional banks.

But what to do? In this webcast, brought to you by Box, we will look at new research – driven by you,Registerreaders – into the treatment of unstructured content by organisations across the finance sector and other regulated industries.

Bringing together industry experts Dale Vile, distinguished analyst and CEO at Freeform Dynamics, and Bijon Mehta, Head of Financial Services at Box, we’ll look at:

  • Research findings — how the flow and management of unstructured content influences business outcomes, and the challenges and consequences of current practices.
  • Defining a strategy — how to approach the challenges while keeping architecture, security, and compliance considerations in mind.
  • Platform opportunities — how a platform-based approach can offer features, such as advanced analytics, machine learning, and visualization as a foundation for innovation.
  • Success factors — where to start, and how modernising current environments can ensure current and future value.

We’re aiming at heads of digital, CIOs, chief innovation officers, architects, and indeed anyone tussling with the challenges to deliver customer-facing solutions in an increasingly fast-moving landscape. Interested? Register now for the session, which will air online at 1100 GMT on December 5.

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