Yes, you can spin up a hybrid multi-cloud in just one hour – and we’ll show you how


WebcastAs your staff continue to work from home, likely well into 2021, there’s never been a more pressing moment to consider the different ways you can make your business work better with a remote workforce.

You’ve probably heard of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud by now, and you may think they’re the same, but they’re really not. While hybrid cloud focuses mostly on pulling together private and public clouds to achieve a common goal, multi-cloud bolts together discrete best-of-breed public cloud services to form an infrastructure.

More excitingly, consider the concept of hybrid multi-cloud, which – as the name suggests – merges the best of both worlds. That’s the focus of our next webcast. The average modern business runs applications and data in a hybrid cloud environment, spread across on- and off-premises equipment and services, which has its pros and cons. Yet redesigning those networks and structures to span multiple public clouds is often out of the question, due to the complexity, cost, security and compliance, and other factors involved.

Enter the hybrid multi-cloud – a single platform to tackle both of those cloud types, and get everything done. One platform to rule them all in the digital innovation era.

JoinThe Reg’s Tim Phillips and Nutanix’s Sahil Bansal at 0900 PDT (12 noon EDT) on August 12, 2020 to find out how to smooth your journey into a hybrid multi-cloud future. Find out why this combination is the ideal way to accelerate cloud migration for your business, find out exactly what you need to deliver a hybrid multi-cloud, and even find out how you can spin up your own hybrid multi-cloud in just one hour.

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